Terracotta Tiles


The Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute has developed a technology for manufacture of Manufacture of unglazed semi -vitreous clay tiles.

These tiles are less porous, have higher modulus of rupture in comparison to the conventional terracotta tiles and meet BIS specifications. Locally available ferigunious clays are used. Other raw materials used are Common clay, plastic clay, common clay grog, fire clay grog, quartz, feldspar, etc.

These tiles are manufactured by processing the triaxial body composition with common clay with wet grinding. Tiles can be fabricated in different shapes, sizes and designs. These tiles are fired in an improved up draught kiln at 1000-1100oC. Different transparent/colour glazes can also be provided subsequently.

Equipments needed to produce unglazed semi -vitreous clay tiles include Pulveriser, ball mill, blunger, agitator, kiln, granulator, pressing machine, etc.

These types of tiles can be used for Facing, flooring and decoration purpose in buildings.

A plant producing 75 tpa would require an estimated investment of Rs. 5 lakh.

This is a commercialised technology.

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