A Device and a Technique of Preserving Wood and/or Any Porous Construction Surface

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The present technology relates to a device and a technique of preserving wood and/or any porous construction surface such as wall against termites and/or other pests and/or fungal attacks by way of preventive as well as corrective measure.

This is a preventive as well as corrective device and a technique for preservation of wood and/or any porous construction surface against termites, ants, fungus and other pests wherein the said device and technique achieves utility in preserving the wood and/or any other affected surface in ways that are superior, cheaper, environment friendly and more convenient compared to conventional means, thereby reducing time, cost and energy used in carrying out the method of wood and/or the affected surface preservation. Such device and technique of preservation must further allow the transporter or the customer to transport and/or store the wood while the wood is still under the treatment, thereby reducing the time even more.



This technology is designed to be used in :
1. Timber Board and plywood Industries .
2.Interior Decoration Industry .
3. Infrastructure and construction Industry.
4. Housing Projects .
5. Building maintenance and restoration projects .



This technology was created to address the problems of : 1. wood for  home structures and interior elements, which is prone to attack by agents such as fungus, mold spores, mildew or pests such as termites, ants etc.2.Wood treating process in homes and offices usually involves applying a diluted solution of wood preservatives on the surface, and leaving the thus treated surface exposed to atmosphere. This technique of wood preservation is injurious to the health of person/persons involved and the people in the surrounding region. This process also increases toxicity in the atmosphere and cause sufficient unwanted harm to the nearby life. At the same time the effectiveness of the chemicals is limited to the upper reaches of the wood surface and does not penetrate deep enough to fully cure the wood and achieve the desired results.


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