Production of Solid Prestressed Concrete Poles Employing Direct Electric Curing

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Salient Technical Features

Ensures consistent quality product and increased productivity as accelerated gain in strength is achieved. Use of low voltage eliminates chances of electrical hazards. Set-up is portable, ensures daily turnover of moulds. Hence less number of moulds and lesser area as compared to equal capacity plant with normal moist curing.


Used for accelerated curing of the precast concrete poles and like products

Level/Scale of Development

Process developed at pilot scale in laboratory

Status of Commercialization

Know-how ready for commercialization

Raw Mateials

Cement, sand, aggregate, high tension wire


Set-up with horizontal casting of poles with tensioning / detensioning arrangement, isolating power transformer, Fabricated electrodes, Concrete mixer, Shutter vibrator, Gantry etc.

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