Epoxy-phenolic IPNet-RB Coating for Steel Reinforcement in RCC

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Corrosion protection of steel reinforcement.


Salient Features


Resistant to chemicals, excellent adhesion to steel reinforcement, excellent bond of coated bars with concrete, durable and easy application and cost effective.

Technology Package


Process know-how document, demonstration, assistance in production.




Investment of Rs.40 to Rs.50 lakh for a plant of capacity 100 liters per day.


Scale of Development


Lab Scale


Status of Commercialization


Licensed, Technology in production.


Raw Materials


Epoxy resin base and hardner, prepolymer of cardanol and other additives.


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Blender, Mixer, Reaction Kettle, Sieving and laboratory equipment.


Environmental Aspects


Normal measures adopted by the paint industry.


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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