Innovative Heating and Air-conditioning by Facades with Built-in Radiators

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The feeling of comfort in a dwelling depends upon the radiation of heat and cold by the various parts of its structure. Thanks to this important technical innovation, the transfer of heat by means of a heat absorbing liquid makes it possible both to heat and to air-condition private houses as well as industrial buildings. The new concept using facades with low energy built-in radiators will revolutionise present-day heating and air-conditioning. The technology is environment friendly, costs very little and operates at low temperatures. It is built into all the facades during their prefabrication, thus ensuring a very large total radiating surface. This is a great improvement compared to traditional heating and air-conditioning systems, with both initial and running costs kept to a minimum. The concept is of interest to building firms, whether they use conventional or prefabrication methods of construction.


Construction industry: all kinds of private dwellings (single houses, apartment blocks both large and small, etc.) Administrative buildings (schools, offices, etc.) Industrial buildings (manufacturing plants, etc.)


Use of freely available renewable energy Increased comfort Free cooling in summer due to the low temperature operation Use of stored heat energy Extremely simple control system for the economical use of low-level energy. Radiation for heating: elimination of cold surfaces, of currents of hot air over radiators, and of the problems caused by low humidity. Elimination also of hot and cold spots, the system assuring a uniform temperature everywhere in a particular room. Radiation for cooling: elimination of cold draughts and of the noise of conventional air-conditioning. As with heating, the system eliminates hot and cold spots and ensures a uniform temperature.

Environmental Aspects

Energy conservation,renewable energy

Development Status


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