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Lime in conjunction with burnt clay (`Surkhi') has been used as a material of construction since time immemorial. This mixture, though possessing superior bond, is slow setting.


The activated lime pozzolana mixtures are rapid setting, the initial sets being obtained in 1-2 hr and the final within 24 hr. Fairly high strength (40 kg/cm2 in 1:1 mix) can be obtained in 28 days. They can carry sand up to 5 times their weight. The mixtures possess high water retentivity (70%) and are easily workable. The expansion or shrinkage is low (0.02 to 0.03%). They can be converted into mortars and plasters directly by mixing with sand and water.

Machinery / Equipments:

Ball mill.

Raw Materials:

Lime, pozzolana, gypsum.

Status Of Commercialization :

Economy :-5 tpd.Investment :-Rs. 15 lak

Terms and Conditions:


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