High Performance Roofing Materials, Pavement Stones, Automobile Bumpers, Shoe Soles and other Goods made from Recycled used Tyres and Plastic waste

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The German company has been providing top level support for the development and implementation of new environmental technologies. The company specialises in the economic and profitable recycling and reutilisation of domestic and industrial waste as well as plastic waste and used tyres. The company is ISO 9002 certified. All technologies are patented worldwide. The ideal future partners are companies with the vision to invest into a very good future market. They could either be in the tyres and plastic waste recycling business or plastic manufacturers with existing injection moulding machines and the need to expand into new business areas, or a combination of both. The partners should have access to used tyres and plastic waste.


Recycling of municipal and industrial waste Recycling of plastic waste Recycling of used tyres Building industry (high performance roofing and floor tiles, pavement stones, road barriers) Canalisation (hanging sieves, drainage components) Automobile industry (bumpers, protection systems, mirror etc.) Consumer goods (shoe soles etc.)


All building industry products are heat, water, snow, storm resistant, have excellent sound and thermal properties and can be easily mounted. Car components are approved by automobile industry Test certificates by German company TUV Highly economical technology requiring minimum capital expenditure High capacity tyres and plastic waste shredding and magnetic separating system using a newly developed thermal process Automatic high performance tyre shredding plant at low-cost end of the market Low cost raw materials, highly profitable output Wide range of inexpensive products for demanding markets Cost-effective and profitable operation Environment friendly production

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