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The software package consists of four modules : 1. GEODAT : It involves preparation of database for geological exploration - borelogs corelogs and lithographs, topographical maps and contour plans of mining areas 2. GEOSTAT : It comprises statistical and geostatistical analysis of borehole data, trend surface maps, bench slice plans, mineral reserves estimation, grade tonnage curves, semi-variogram analysis, etc. 3. MINSIS : It consists of preparation of yearly and long-term mine plans/schedules and also 3-D graphical representation of the mineral deposit 4. MINEQP : It involves optimum selection and deployment of mining equipment


Mining/mining engineering, geology: Computerized mining planning and design including blending schemes and blasting modules Computerized deposit evaluation Computerized equipment selection at optimum economic and environmental consideration


Precise and quicker method Economical to operate User friendly C++ language on PC 486 hardware Software takes into consideration the environmental parameters whilst designing an open-pit mine/quarry

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