LPG Conversion Kit for Petrol Run 2-Stroke Automobile Engine


Indian technology development and promotion centre offers the LPG conversion kit for petrol run 2-stroke automobile engine. It has been proven that use of LPG as an auto fuel results in significantly better efficiency than petrol and much lower emission levels. There are nearly 5 million vehicles running on LPG the world over. The technology primarily consists of manufacturing of kit containing vacuum operated gas air mixing system and pump-less lubrication system.


Useful in Automobile sector for running petrol run 3 wheelers like auto rickshaws in developing countries, generally used for public transport. This kit is suitable as a retrofit to existing old three wheelers.


Fuel cost is 35% cheaper than petrol Bl-fuel mode of operation ie. both on petrol & LPG No engine modification required Lower operating costs Lower emission levels when compared to petrol 82 % less carbon monoxide 14% less carbon dioxide No SOx emissions Negligible NOx emissions No need for a catalytic converter Proven usage Smoke free Less noise Convenient to use with high safety

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