Instant Shelter

Salient Technical Features

Instant shelter which can be erected in 5 to 20 minutes are made up of triangular frames of pipes joined together with the help of special joints to form a component that can be folded as one triangular bundle. For such components having total of 16 triangles provide an octagonal room of size 4.41m x 4.41m. The cladding may be made of any material like cloth, plywood, GI sheet, thatch, insulating covering etc. depending upon climate conditions and resources.


Suitable for providing instant houses for relief and rehabilitation after natural disaster like earthquake, cyclone, flood etc.

Level/Scale of Development

Commercial scale

Status of Commercialization

Ready for transfer

Raw Mateials

Triangular frames made of steel pipes, special type of hings, cleats and nuts and bolts. Covering cloth or any other material for cladding.


Standard equipment required for mechanical engineering workshop

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