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Fly ash is a unique man made resource material possessing oth ceramic as well as pozzolan properties. At present coal-fired power plants are producing 38 milion tonnes of fly ash per annum which will go upto 90 million tonnes per annum by the year 2000 AD. Our utilization rate of fly ash is very poor and hence there is an imperative need to use this unique raw material for various value added products viz., bricks, tiles (floor and wall), hollow concrete blocks, acid resistant bricks / tiles etc. As the characteristics of fly ashes vary from power plants to power plants because they are not only the function of coal quality but they also depend upon

  • Coal grinding
  • Combustion technique
  • Boiler operation
  • Boiler capacity
  • Ash handling and collection system.

There aer 35000 brick kilns in our country producing about 55000 million kilns consume about 300 million tonnes of clay per year and causing not only severe environmental problems but also reducing the area of land available for agriculture purposes which is so vital

Area of Application

Construction Industry, building materials: Normal housing constructions

Economic Data

This process incorporates about 30 - 70% of fly ash and the firing time is only two hours

Total project cost: Rs. 4,56,00,000
Cost of production: Rs. 423/- per 1000 nos.
Selling cost (30% profit): Rs. 672/- per 1000 nos

Fly ash consumption per year: 1 lakh tonne
Compression Strength: 70 - 350 kg/cm

Production Capacity

55 million bricks/year

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Main Application


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