Energy Efficeint Gypsum Calcinator

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Salient Technical Features

The Calcinator comprises of a muffle furnace where in the charge is heated indirectly and agitated with a power stirrer. Temperature Control ensures uniform quality of end product. High Thermal efficiency 70-80%. Can be run on Coal/liquid fuels/gasesous fuels. Battery of basic modules, each of capacity 8 tpd (3 shifts) gives maximum calcination capacity of 30 tpd (e shifts ) of plaster of paris.


Calcination of quarry gypsum, marine gypsum, phosphogypsum into plaster of paris of various grades for use in building, pottery, ceramic and surgical applications.

Level/Scale of Development

Commercial scale

Status of Commercialization

Licensed, Technology in production

Raw Mateials

Natural quarry gypsum or marine gypsum or phosphogypsum, coal or liquid fuel or gaseous fuel chemicals (retarder / accelerator)


Jaw crusher, hammer mill, calcinator, air blower and gas burner

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