"CPDM" System- Adopting COBRA/WEB Based System Construction


Chinese orgnisation offers the technology of "CPDM” System which adopts COBRA/WEB based system construction. The CPDM system on the INTERNET can realize the same function along with the enterprise's internal PDM, at the same time, which can satisfy demand of an enterprise requiring the product data management with scattered geographical positions. The CPDM has the following system characteristics:

  • Module frame is on the CORBA system construction, realizing the " plug-and-play" between product and module
  • Function module according to the PDM usage criterion which is defined by OMG, running well in general use
  • Management data overlays every stage of product life cycle · Gathers with the CAD/CAM and supports the standard of STMP · Workflow model according to the international organization WFMC 's model
  • Supports the type of WEB carried by the customer
  • Saving option in data in backstage database, offering the data piping which can integrate with ERP, MIS system, etc.


Electronics industry, information technology


The CPDM creates a data flat roof for the enterprise with high compatibility and expansibility. It is safe, economical and a reasonable choice that enterprise realizes for the gathering of product data completely.

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