Light and Porous Building Material Boards and Corrugated Tiles from Fly Ash

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Chinese organisation is offering the technology for manufacture of light and porous building material boards and corrugated tiles from fly ash. The new type of light and porous building materials, which take coal ash as main active filling, magnesium oxychoride cement as cohesive material, mid-alkalic glass fiber as reinforcing material and effective modified additive and foam agent, are manufactured under normal temperature and pressure.


Construction industry: this light porous inorganic building materials can be adopted in inner and outer heat preservation of outside wall, heat preservation for roof, non-weight-bearing partition wall and other fields having similar requirement.


Weak alkalic cement can be reinforced by mid-alkalic glass fiber, which reduce the cost very much Processing superior function of light self-weight, strong intensity, preventing burning, thermal and sound insulation and water-tolerance This light and porous building materials make use of large amount of industrial waste, coal ash, and reduce environmental pollution. The products have no toxin materials

Environmental Aspects

Emission control,waste utilisation

Development Status


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