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Salient Technical Features

The machine is used for casting of solid and hollow concrete blocks. It is a portable egg laying type machine and cast 6 solid blocks of size 30 x 20 x 15 cm (or any other size) in one operation giving on output of 1000 blocks per 8 hours shift. The lifting of mould is carried out with the use of power screen and gear system, mechanically operated by a pulley and motor. Two vibrators each of 0.5 kW capacity and frequency 300 VPM are used for consolidation of concrete in the moulds. The movement of the machine is through power on 4 wheels. The total power requirement is 3 kW. While casting the hollow blocks of size 40 x 20 x 20 cm the output of 650 blocks per 8 hour shift is achieved.


Casting of solid and hollow concrete blocks

Level/Scale of Development

Prototype designed and tested

Status of Commercialization

Licensed, Technology in production

Raw Mateials

Standard steel sections, standard component-motor, gearbox, gears, pulley, vibrators etc.


Standard mechanical workshop facility

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