C-BRICK Machine

Salient Technical Features

This machine has been developed on vibro-compaction principle to produce about 3,000 bricks per shift. Mould box of the machine having four cavities of brick dimensions is placed on a wooden pallet. The pallet in turn is placed on the table of the machine. All the cavities of the mould box filled up with a prepared wet mix of raw materials. Four plungers which swivel through 360 degrees are now shifted over the mould box and lowered down over to rest over the filled up cavities. The moulds are vibrated for about 5 seconds. Mould box is raised by operating a hand-operated lever so that the plungers remain over the shaped bricks. The plungers are raised by operating second lever, which leaves four well-shaped bricks on the pallet. The pallet is now removed manually and placed in the sun for drying prior to steam/wet curing. The machine produces bricks of excellent quality with dimensional stability. This machine is simple in operation.

CBRICK size 23.0 x 11.0 x 7.5 cm, Frog on the CBRICK possible good dimensional stability, Wet compressive strength 40-80 Kg/cm2. Water absorption about 20%.


Production of bricks utilizing flash and other siliceous and calcareous wastes

Environmental Aspects

Pollution free, helps in pollution abatement

Level/Scale of Development

Commercial scale

Raw Mateials

Standard steel sections


Welding / fabrication facilities

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