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Salient Technical Features

Roof cooling device is a self-contained device for cooling roofs of the houses from where 60 to 80% heat enters the house. The unit with following main features can be easily installed on the roof by house owners themselves using locally available help. 1) Roof cooling device chekcs solar gain through roof completely and reverse heat flow pattern. 2) Power consumption for running the unit is very small. 3) It saves upto 30% energy in air conditioned building. 4) The unit is environment friendly and uses no CFC etc. Process : The device maintains a moist covering on the roof by an electronically controlled water spray mechanism, which operates intermittently as and when needed. Solar heat falling on the roof is used up in evaporating water. The moist mat cools the roof surface temperature (which reaches 60 degree C. in case of tar felt treated RCC roofs in summer) down to almost wet bulb temperature, which is around 27 degree C in the exposed surface temperature of the roof slab eliminates heat transfer indoors through roof structure. The cool ceiling stops radiating heat on the occupants indoors air gradually cools, ceiling fans deliver cooler air and the thermal comfort improves considerably at a very small investment.


Cooling of roof structure of individual houses for thermal comfort indoors.

Level/Scale of Development


Status of Commercialization

Ready for licensing

Raw Mateials

Mild steel, G.I. Sheet hardware, electric water pumps and electronic components


General mechanical workshop with facility of electronic

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