Fly Ash Bricks


An Indian organization is offering an economical way for manufacturing fly ash bricks. The process stipulates mixing of fly ash, sand, lime and a small quantity of chemical accelerator in a desired proportion. Suitable quantity of water is added to prepare a homogenised mix of raw materials. Fly ash being a non plastic material, raw mix is subjected to a pressure of approximately 250 kx/ in a suitable hydraulic press. Formed bricks are then exposed to natural drying, the period of which varies from 48 hours to 72 hours depending upon the weather conditions. Semi dried bricks are cured under steam at a desired pressure and temperature. Steam cured finished bricks are stacked in open during which time they gain further strength.


Construction industry


Fly ash bricks being machine finished and uniform in size will require comparatively less quantity of cement mortar. Outside wall plastering could be avoided as these bricks are smooth and of cement colour. These bricks are resistant to salinity and water seepage. Adoption of these bricks will facilitate our country in a significant manner in the conversion of agricultural soil and soil erosion problems faced by our country.

Environmental Aspects

waste utilisation

Development Status


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