AMPC 2000 Technology for Manufacturing Building Materials from Industrial


A German company offers a new technology related to fireproof forming compounds suitable for use mainly in the construction industry. Used as a basic ingredient, it can successfully replace most of clay, cement or gypsum based materials that are currently used. Presently little use is made of mainly fly ash left by burning coal, municipal waste for power generation, agricultural residues like rice husk or cocoa nut shells and phosphate and gypsum waste products produced during the manufacture of fertilizers. Waste products are converted into versatile compounds by dry mixing and bonding, which is achieved by including PU resins. The basic compound is very versatile and serves as a basis to make further compounds with varying chemical and mechanical properties according to the characteristics of the waste material used. Simple mixers and moulds are the main equipment required by the technology. The process is applicable to any material provided it is in dry powder form, or it can be transformed to powder


All final products are fireproof and can be used for manufacturing of the following products: bricks, roofing tiles with high flexural and tensile strength, shatter resistant and for high compression insulation blocks, lightweight, with high thermal and high sound resistance acoustic ceiling tiles partitioning boards covering and decorative panels mortar mix compound plastering and rendering compound exterior and interior joint filters


New, simple and cost effective method to achieve equal and in most cases superior results by utilising waste products of different industries Strong demand in the building sector Environmental protection Low investment

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