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A research centre offers the technology of wear resistant alumina tiles. The tiles are developed by using cheap Indian alumina powder and sintering additives. Their composition is optimized and are produced through liquid phase sintering.

The properties of the alumina tiles developed by the Centre vis a vis commercially available ones are as follows:

Property Research centre produced sample Commercially available sample
Density (gm/cc) 3.66 3.59
Hardness HV30
1150 127
Fracture toughness (MPam) 3.62 3.56
Modulus of Rupture (MPa) 324 302
Colour white white
Volume loss per gram of abrasives
[(cc) x 10-8]
1.45 2.30

Areas of Application

  • Power plants
  • Chutes and air separators
  • Hydrocyclones for separating mined ores from refuse
  • Slurry pipes in coal washeries
  • Pulp and paper mills for transporting acidic wood chips
  • Hoppers, pipes, bends, elbows in cement industry
  • Treatment of flyash and bottom ash in coal fired power plants


  • Simple and cost effective process
  • Process optimisd with Indian raw materials
  • Excellent wear properties of the produce in dry as well as wet conditions

Development Status

The technology is patented

Production Capacity

300 tons/year

Inputs Required


5,000 sq.m.


3,000 sq.ft


23 total, including 9 skilled, 9 unskilled, 5 managers

Economic Data

  • Capital investment: INR 25.8.million (US$ 0.53 million approximately)
  • Working capital: INR 4 million (US$ 0.083 million)
  • Production cost per kg: INR 70
  • Expected rate of return: 28%
  • Break even point: 35%

Transfer Forms

Know-how, manufacturing license, technical training, erection, commissioning and installation, marketing assistance

For further information please contact

Research Planning & Business Development
Central Building Research Institute,
Roorkee- 247 667 (India)