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Process for casting solid concrete blocks using a Concrete Block Making machine.


In building construction.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

These are made manually or with help of a machine. In the manual process, single block moulds are used wherein the concerete is compacted with help of a plate vibrator. With the use of a portable power screw driven egg laying type machine, solid concrete blocks are made with higher productivity at low cost. Six blocks of 30x20x5 cm3 size are cast in single operation with an output of 120-150/hr.




Minimum Economic Unit Size

Manual process: 200 blocks/shift, investment Rs. 0.5 lakh Mechanical process:1000 block/shift, investment Rs.1.5 lakh

Equipment and Machinery

Concrete block making machine (available from CSIR licensee), mixer, trolley, plate vibrator (manual process).


Raw materials

Cement, concrete, stone aggregates.


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