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Provides a cool roof in buildings for thermal comfort of occupants. Saves electrical energy in air-conditioned buildings.


Salient Features


The device is meant for small individual houses. It eliminates heat radiation from hot ceiling and cools indoor air by a few degrees. It contains all components like pump, electronic controller, sensors etc in a single unit. It can be easily installed at site by local craftsmen. Provides thermal comfort by using less energy. Keeps inside cool even during short power cuts with inverter operated ceiling fans. Reduces power consumption of AC units by up to 30%. A 1/2 to 1 HP water pump works for a total of about 15 min in 24 hrs. Consumes less energy as compared to desert cooler, not adds humidity to indoor air. Highly environment friendly and cost effective. Reduces thermal stress on humans by reducing heat gain in a natural manner.


Technology Package


Know-how for commercial production of domestic unit.




Installation cost is Rs.300/sq.m. of roof area. Water consumption is 6 to 9 litres/sq.m./day.


Scale of Development


Commercial Scale


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Electric water pump, electronic components, sensors, steel hardware for chassis and housing, HDPE water tank, miscellaneous hardware.


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


A general mechanical workshop with steel cutting, bending, drilling and welding facility. Small printed circuit board electronic assembly unit. .


Environmental Aspects


Does not use green house gases and not adds humidity to indoor air, Creates less humid healthy indoor living environment compared to desert coolers, Requires less energy than desert coolers, Highly environment friendly. .


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent.


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