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Process for making quality bricks from red soils.


Building bricks from kaolinitic red soils of Karnataka and other peninsular region wherein large tracts of iron rich red clay deposits exist.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

The traditional clamp burning method yields pourous bricks with poor strength of 25-35 kg/cm2. Incorporation of 10-15% well graded, processed carbonaceous material and firing at temp. 900-100oC enables manufacture of bricks with a compressive strength: 70-110 kg/cm2, water absorption: 14-22% and bulk density: 1.67-1.86 g/cc.

Status of Commercialisation

Ready for commercialisation.

Minimum Economic Unit Size

30,000 bricks/day.

Indicative investment

Rs. 35 lakh

Equipment and Machinery

Double shaft mixer.


Raw materials

Moderately plastic graded red clay, potable water, fine graded carbonaceous materials (flyash, screened cinder, pulverised rice husk/rice husk ash) in optimum quantities, coal as fuel.


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