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Boards, Panels, door panel insert and furniture items


Salient Features


A systematic study was undertaken on the rational utilization of pine needles as an alternative to wood for making building boards and panels. It belongs to medium and high density board categories, dimensionally stable, sufficient internal bond strength, easily cut and sawn, good sound and thermal insulation, fire resistant, resistance to fungus and termite adequate screw holding and nailing property, durable against moisture, termite resistant and conforming IS: 3087.


Technology Package


Technical know-how produced on lab scale, right to use patent. Product hand book/ data sheet. Guidelines of setting of testing lab for Q.C. and other intellectual knowledge base related to project




It can be manufactured by using existing plants, equipments and machinery. The cost of developed panels is comparable with the commercially available ligno-cellulosic panel products.


Scale of Development


Lab scale development


Status of Commercialization


Ready for commercialization


Raw Materials


Pine needles, resins, adhesives and additives


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Shredder and hammer mill, rotary drum mixer, hydraulic press, cutting and finishing devices.


Environmental Aspects


•  To save natural resources such as wood.

•  To prevent health hazard caused by formaldehyde.


IPR Status


Indian Patent Application No. 0531/DEL/2010


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