Bored Compaction Piles

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Used for foundation of structures of various types such as residential and industrial buildings, overhead tanks, towers, substations, gantry foundations, underground tanks, over bridges etc.


Salient Features


Combines the advantages of both bored and driven piles by compacting freshly laid concrete and soil around obtaining increased load carrying capacity over normal piles. Suitable for loose to medium silty/sandy soils specially with high water table.


Technology Package


Complete design and construction package




Initial cost of equipment is Rs.4 lakh


Scale of Development


Licenced, Technology is in production


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Cement, aggregate and reinforcing steel


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Equipment for boring, augers, under reamer, steel pipes for concreting and driving, low weight driving equipment


Environmental Aspects


No adverse effect on the environment


IPR Status


Indian Patent No.126179



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