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Table fitted with machine.


Rapid moulding of clay bricks for the building industry.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

A simple hand-moulding table moulds bricks in accurate shape and size. The table is fitted with a mould and also provided with movable ms bottom plate. The clay, kneaded with water, is fed into the mould and the brick is ejected by pressing down the pedal. Uniformly shaped moulded bricks thus produced, can be evenly set inside the kiln to facilitate even burning with efficient utilisation of fuel. Improved dimensional accuracy of burnt bricks facilitates perfection in masonry construction and saving in mortar consumption.

Status of Commercialisation


Minimum Economic Unit Size

1000-1500 moulded bricks/day though a table.

Indicative investment

Rs. 3,000.

Equipment and Machinery

Brick moulding table available from CSIR licensee.


For further information please contact

The Director.
Central Building Research Institute, New Delhi