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Suitable to combat the following fires with the following key uses/application areas : Class A all-type Combustible material Fires” such as paper, wood, cloth, etc; Class B Flammable Liquid Fires” such as petrol, diesel, kerosene; Class K Kitchen-Pan Fires for women's fire safety” and the “Electrical fires” due to short-circuits.


Salient Features


Fire Suppression Time: 8-10s on 100 Size Class A & B Fires and 25-30 on 1000 Fire, Extinguishant App. Rate: 3- 5 g/s for different Classes of fires.


Technology Package


Novel Fire extinguishing composition/ formulation, Mixing ratio, Work-out Procedure, The details of specifications of spray bottles, Unique selling points/parameters/ novelty features, Key application areas and specifications of its operation/use.




Less than one lakh for budding entrepreneur, approx. Rs. 20 to 25 Lakhs for budding entrepreneur to SSI unit depending upon the capacity of the plant., For large-scale plants, a separate techno-economic feasibility study is required in consultation with field & financial experts.


Scale of Development


Laboratory-scale development to extinguish 1000 size of fires.


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Novel Fire extinguishing composition & water


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Plastic or SS304 Mixing Containers with mixing device @ 30-40RPM at ambient temp. & pressure, storage containers; Spray-bottles can be procured either from the market and/or the Bottling and manufacturing plant for Spray-bottles may be set-up either for Plastic or SS202/304 bottles with conveyer-belt facility.


Environmental Aspects


No adverse effects on the environment


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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