Gravitational Settling Chamber for Pollution Control in Brick Kilns

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Pollution control in Brick Kilns & other low stack furnaces/kiln.


Salient Features


The Government of India, through a gazette notification, has restricted the maximum permissible SPM concentration in the effluent gases to 750 mg/ and provision of a Gravitational Settling Chamber (GSC) has been made mandatory. A multiplied strategy was adopted to meet the following objectives without which the implementation of the developed device was not a possibility: 1. Sustainable development of the brick kiln industry. 2. Assumed continued employment for thousand of labours involved 3. Local intervention in the kiln. 4. No moving parts and no use of water and electricity. Taking the socio-economic parameters of the brick kiln owners into consideration we are able to evolve a simple and rugged design of GSC for pollution control in brick kiln.


Technology Package


Design drawings, process know-how, demonstration, assistance in construction.




Rs. 20,000 for construction of two settling chambers in one kiln


Scale of Development


Commercial scale


Status of Commercialization


Licensed, implemented in over 5000 brick kilns


Raw Materials


Bricks, cement & steel


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Civil Construction


Environmental Aspects


No special measures are required


IPR Status


Indian Patent No. 232333



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