Direct Foam Injection (DFI) technology for the Petroleum Oil Tank Fire Safety

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For fire protection of Class B Flammable Liquid Storage Tank Fires in Petroleum refineries, Oil storage depots & Terminals, Chemical, Petro-chemical & allied industries.


Salient Features


Efficient and Effective Fire Extinguishment (Extinguishment Time < 60 s ), Minimum Foam Induction/Application Rate of 3 litres//min., In-built System Fire Resistance rating of ½ hr to 1 hr against any eventual fire exposure damage, due to severe heat, Suitable for protection of all non-polar flammable liquids, even with boiling point higher than 100 degree. C, Uniform, gentle and effective foam delivery onto the flammable liquid surface without partial disintegration of the foam bubbles and the fuel pick-up, less vulnerable to serious damage in the event of explosion and, or buckling of tank plates by virtue of its inherent design features, Technically simple and economic application method, large scale oil storage tank fires can be effectively tackled by the low-cost foam compounds available in the market., No need to hold high cost foam compound inventory.


Technology Package


Details on Major Plant Equipment and Machinery required




Approx. Rs. 5000/- ± Rs. 1000/- per of Area of Petroleum Oil tank-fire protection.


Scale of Development


Lab Scale


Status of Commercialization


Ready for Commercialization


Raw Materials


Fire extinguishing foam concentrates(3% or 6%) and Water


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Vapour-sealing Fire Extinguishing Foam-Discharge Nozzles, Annular-pipe rings, Cross-member piping work, Co-flexi –Pipe for Floating Roof tanks, Foam generators, Fire resistant Vertical Risers, High capacity High pressure Pumping Unit, Water Storage, foam concentrate storage etc. Valves, gauges, and other related accessories.


Environmental Aspects




IPR Status


Indian Patent No. 177234, US Patent No.5573068


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