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Bricks, blocks, concrete, reinforced concrete, light weight concrete etc.


Salient Features


The salient features of developed product are: high early compressive strength, low water absorption, low shrinkage, durable against aggressive environments, fire resistant etc.


Technology Package


Technical know-how produced on lab scale, right to use patent. Product hand book/ data sheet. Guidelines of setting of testing lab for Q.C. and other intellectual knowledge base related to project




Process know-how includes: inter-grinding of ingredients, gradation of aggregates, preparation of activators, mixing, casting and curing. It can be manufactured with the help of existing plants and machinery. The cost of developed products is comparable with the conventional materials.


Scale of Development


Lab scale development


Status of Commercialization


Ready for commercialization


Raw Materials


Fly ash, alkaline activators, aggregates and admixtures


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Pan mixer, moulding machine, engineering moulds, curing chamber etc.


Environmental Aspects


To save natural resources, Utilization of waste materials and Low emission as compared to cement.


IPR Status


Indian Patent Application No. 3368/DEL/2014


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