Silicate Based Waterproofing Formulation

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Water proofing in building industry.


Salient Features


Does not interfere with colour of the surface, long shelf life if kept sealed, dilutable with potable water, can be applied by semi-skilled labour, life of treatment is about 5 years.


Technology Package


Process know-how containing method of preparation, plant and equipment, raw materials required.




Investment of Rs. 7 lakh for a plant of capacity 400 liters per day.


Scale of Development


Commercial scale.


Status of Commercialization


Licensed, Technology in production.


Raw Materials


Commercial variety of sodium silicate, distilled water and other chemicals.


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Mixer with impeller, distillation plant, air-tight drums and laboratory equipment.


Environmental Aspects


No special measures are required.


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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