Flyash-Clay Bricks

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Process for making clay bricks through incorporation of flyash.


Building industry.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

10-40% flyash is incorporated with the clay. The process involves wire cutting of plastic clay mass by manual process and subsequent firing in conventional Bull’s kiln or intermittent type kiln at a temp. 950-1050oC. The bulk density of such bricks in low resulting in better thermal insulation for the walls and reduced dead load on the masonry structure. These bricks can be used in all constructions in place of normal clay bricks.

Status of Commercialisation


Minimum Economic Unit Size

3,000 bricks/day

Indicative investment

Rs. 20 lakh (manual process). : Rs. 60 lakh (semi-mechanised).

Equipment and Machinery

Mixer, extruder, brick cutting table, pug mill.


Raw materials

Moderately plastic clay mass, flyash and coal.


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