High Strength Plaster from Fluorogypsum

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Suitable for use in plastering – Finish coat & Base coat


Salient Features


The high strength plaster is developed by benefication and fine grinding of fluorogypsum and admixing it with suitable chemical activators. Plaster showed high compressive strength (30-35 MPa) and low water absorption (< 8 %) and porosity (<10 %) and complied with requirement as given in ASTM C-61-50. The technology for formulation of high strength plaster is simple and no heavy machinery is involved. The plaster is fire resistant, possess good acoustic properties, self strengthening with time and helps in conservation of cement.


Technology Package


Process know-how & demonstration.




For a plant of capacity 1000 tonnes per day (3 shifts), the cost of high strength plaster comes out Rs. 2200/- per tonne.


Scale of Development


Developed on laboratory scale.


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials




Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Ball mill / Vertical Roller mill


Environmental Aspects


No special measures are required


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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