Water Based Epoxy System for Concrete

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For the preparation of polymer modified mortars, polymer modified cementitious coating and bonding material for concrete.


Salient Features


The epoxy latex has been operated by emulsifying epoxy resin based on epichlorohydrine and bisphenol and its hardener in the presence of non-ionic surfactant (HLB value > 15). After emulsification, fillers, deforming and wetting agents were added. It was used for preparing polymer modified mortars, cementitious coating and bonding material for bonding old/new concrete. Formulations have been finalized on the basis of test results. Polymer modified mortar base on epoxy showed better performance as compared to those based on acrylic emulsion with respect to strength , water absorption and impermeability. Bond strength of the bonding agent based on epoxy latex is higher (L>1250 psi) than those based on acrylic and other emulsions (>450 psi). The developed bonding agent conforms to Type-II ASTMC : 1059, while others conform to only Type-I. It is therefore suitable for use in structure exposed to high humid conditions or immersed in water.


Technology Package


Process know-how document, demonstration , assistance in production.




Investment of Rs. 80 lakh for a plant of capacity 100 ltrs per day.


Scale of Development


Commercial scale


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Epoxy resin base and hardener, surfactant, additives like defoaming and wetting agents.


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Reaction kettle, stirrer, mixer and other lab equipment.


Environmental Aspects


Normal measures adopted by the paint industry.


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent.



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