Bricks from Marine Clays

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Process for making semi vitrified bricks from marine clays.


Building bricks from coastal alluvial clays as available in deltaic locations.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

The marine clay presents difficulty in the production of bricks due to the presence of seashells, high proportion of soluble salts and organic matter. These bricks crack due to excessive shrinkage, burst on firing and possess low vitrification range. The improved process for making quality bricks involves the use of calcined clay (grog) as an admixture with the soil and burning in down draught kiln to produce vitrified bricks of compressive strength : 230-275 kg/cm2 , water absorption: 1-3%, bulk density: 2.2-2.3 g/cc.

Status of Commercialisation

Ready for commercialisation.

Minimum Economic Unit Size

20,000 bricks/day.

Indicative investment

Rs. 35 lakh

Equipment and Machinery

Double shaft mixer, de-airing extrusion machine.


Raw materials

Marine clay, calcined clay (grog) and coal as fuel.


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