Cable Penetration Seal System (Cable Fire Stop)

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To restrict the spread of fire through openings around the cables.


Salient Features


It is an assembly consisting of penetrating cables, penetration seal materials and devices, together with any supporting construction, designed to maintain the integrity and insulation performance of separating element for the duration of specified fire resistance rating.

•  Materials used are available indigenously.

•  Easy to install at locations with difficult approach such as under control panels.

•  Removable without damage to existing cable where space permits future extension to be made.

•  Having F and T rating of two hours

•  Resist relevant external influences to the same degree as the wiring system with which it is used.


Technology Package


Know-how, formulation, mixing technique and installation






Scale of Development


Commercial Scale


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Indigenously available fire extinguishing foam concentrates (3% or 6%) and Water


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Equipments required mainly for mixing and pouring of compound


Environmental Aspects


Eco-friendly- No adverse effects on the environment


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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