Bricks from Black Soils

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Process for making quality bricks conforming to BIS specifications from expansive soils.


Building bricks from black soil as available in large parts of M.P., Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

Inherent expensive nature of black soil coupled with the presence of nodular calcareous mass usually yield poor quality building bricks. Such clays can be processed/modified to yield good quality building bricks. Process consists of optional particle size gradation, wet sieving to remove calcareous nodules and addition of fine grain siliceous material with screened clays in optimum proportions.

Status of Commercialisation

Ready for commercialisation.

Minimum Economic Unit Size

30,000 bricks/day.

Indicative investment

Rs. 35 lakh

Equipment and Machinery

Double shaft mixer and other implements as needed in traditional brick plant.


Raw materials

Graded and processed agrillaceous mass, fine grained siliceous additives like flyash, rice husk, ash, siliceous stone dust, coal fuel.


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