Urethanized Bitumen System for Waterproofing Roof

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Sealing, coating, adhesives and foam


Salient Features


Urethanized bitumen has been prepared with variable viscosity, adequate elastic resiliency and a reduced thermal susceptibility. These behaviour are confirmed by the thermal (DSC), rheological and IS: 1208-78. Its waterproofing functions is further assessed by IS: 1580 and IS: 1834-84 & ASTM D-3409-95 respectively. After assessing the materials suitability, compositional variables in products and parameters related to blend preparation are optimized. The urethane bituminous system has been prepared as per the requirement of end use applications.


Technology Package


Technical know-how produced on lab scale products with all details


•  Standardization of manufactured products

•  Preparation of product hand book/data sheet

•  Guidelines of setting of testing lab for Q.C. and documents

•  Intellectual knowledge base related to project and other users support strategy




Rs. 35/- kg.


Scale of Development


Lab level.


Status of Commercialization




Raw Materials


Bitumen, polymer, stabilizer, adhesion promoter, filler etc.


Plant, Equipment and Machinery required


Blender & Mixers.


Environmental Aspects


No adverse affect on the Environment.


IPR Status


Not applied for Patent


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