Bricks from Saline / Alkaline Soils

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Manufacture of quality bricks from saline/alkaline clays.


Building bricks from `Ussar' or `Kallar' soils as available in large parts of Punjab, Haryana, U.P. and Bihar.

Salient Features of Process/Technology

Saline and alkaline clays are considered unsuitable for brick manufacture due to surface efflorescence and disintegration on weathering. Quality bricks conforming to BIS specification and free from perceptible scum can be manufactured through appropriate processing compatible with conventional practices. Coal ash and common salt solution are mixed with the raw soil using U-mixer. The bricks possess compressive strength 100-210 kg/cm2, water absorption 10-12% and are durable.

Status of Commercialisation

Production trials conducted at a commercial brick kiln.

Minimum Economic Unit Size

30,000 bricks/day.

Indicative investment

Rs. 35 lakh by manual processes

Equipment and Machinery

U-mixer, other equipment in traditional brick production plant.


Raw materials

Saline/alkaline clay, common salt, coal ash, coal as fuel.


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