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Technology Description


The present invention relates to minimally invasive neurosurgery training apparatus, to improve eye-hand coordination, dexterity, efficiency of motion, instrument-tissue manipulation and endoscope manipulation. A box trainer which provides an enclosed constrained environment with a base part and a removable top part. The base consists an opening for the insertion of endoscopic tools, a microcontroller programmed motorized peg plate for pick and place task, Peg plate is placed at 45 degrees to provide inclination, having a trough of 10 mm to provide constraints similar to endo-nasal; a switch to change the angle of rotation of peg, three seven segment displays showing corresponding angle of peg plate; LED to illuminate the interior of the box. The top consists of a housing to mount the auxiliary camera to record the task for offline evaluation. It is used to impart training to residents (neurosurgery students –MCh and DNB) to improve their endoscopic skills


Institution: AIIMS


Category : Device


Cost effective : Yes


In vivo studies : No


Life of Patent : Not yet granted


Validation : Yes


Prototype : Bench scale-Yes


Public health relevance : Yes to train the professionals


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