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Technology Description


The Invention relates to a neuro-drill-stencil-trainer for the training of drilling procedure in neurosurgery and more specifically to provide demarcation on flat and curved bones to evaluate the proficiency of the procedure. The stencil precisely demarcates the constrained region of drilling procedure 1) the Outer region which has four circles and four groves, to mark the square region within which drilling is to be performed. 2) And a Inner region which has four circles, to mark the spots, to indicate the burr hole position. The stencil provides different angle to match the surface of flat and curved bones. The Drilling procedure is divided into three activities: burr hole activity, edge line activity and diagonal line activity. It can be used for imparting training under microscope or endoscope for drilling procedures in neurosurgery.


Institution: AIIMS


Category : Device


Cost effective : Yes


In vivo studies : No


Life of Patent : Not yet granted


Validation : Yes


Prototype : Bench scale-Yes


Public health relevance : Yes to train the professionals


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