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Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS) has signed two MoUs at Bangalore India Bio to fulfil the biotech industry’s needs.

Karnataka IT, BT & ST Secretary I. S. N. Prasad, said, “KBITS signed MoU with Scottish Development International (SDI) to enable promotion of biotech activities and encourage investment opportunities between India and Scotland.”

“The second MoU is with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Atlanta, Georgia. Here, we are exploring collaboration with potential companies with university research and industry expertise to help train manpower,” he added. The MoUs are industry-driven and the Government has taken the role of a facilitator.

Speaking after signing the MoU, Anne MacColl, chief executive, SDI, said, “The Scottish engagement in life sciences with the Bangalore India Bio will create a sustainable partnership between India and Scotland. In India, Karnataka is the capital of biotech, all evidences tell us that companies tend to grow in this sector on employment skills and taking new ideas about technology innovation.”

“We are exploring opportunities in medical innovations and scientific industries such as started with Dolly the sheep, NRT, p53 repression gene regulating economic conditions, stem cells, animal human drug device, stroke diabetes, translations of medicines, she added. Prasad said, “Scotland has some of the best BT finishing schools and its expertise will be useful in improving similar schools in Karnataka.”

KIBTS is exploring collaboration with potential companies with university research and industry expertise to help train manpower through MoUs with Georgia

According to Mark Lytle, Division Director, Georgia Centres of Innovation, “Through this MoU, we are connecting business with researchers. Georgia is leading in vaccines as well as immunological research and clinical trials.”

“We do a lot of about legislative work, by this work many health IT companies have recognised us and about 120 companies have based themselves in Georgia,” he added. Emory University, based in Georgia, has sought the approval of the National Institutes of Health to set up a vaccine testing and evaluation centre in Bangalore.

Murali Krishna Kaja, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Emory University, said at present Emory University conducts clinical research in India in association with International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi. The Joint ICGEB-Emory Vaccine Centre is focussing on vaccine for HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, dengue, malaria and chikungunya.

Prof Kaja said the testing centre is likely to come up at the St John’s Hospital and Research Institute, Bangalore.


India Brand Equity Foundation , February 05, 2013