Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS)

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    Individual entrepreneurs, farmers, companies and groups from the unorganised and organised sectors, and NGOs are eligible for Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme. A budget provision of Rs.323 crores has been made by the Government of India for the year 2018-19 under this scheme.

    It was launched under the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and is based on subsidy attributed to the capital investment.

    Its primary aim is to provide extended assistance for setting up small dairy farms and other components in the dairy sector in order to bring structural changes. Some of its chief objectives are:-


    • Promoting modern dairy farms for cleaner production of milk
      • Encouraging heifer calf rearing
      • Upgrading the traditional technology and quality
      • Generating self-employment, business and entrepreneurship
      • Providing infrastructure for the unorganised sector


    For more details on this scheme, click www.nabard.org/content.aspx?id=591