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Industrial Policy


  • To convert Tripura into the preferred destination for industrial and trade activities, thereby affording to State and its people
  • Economic development and improved living standards
  • Better employment and self employment opportunities
  • Optimal utilization of natural and physical resources


Information Technology Policy

The Information Security Program for an organization can be broken down into specific stages as follows:

(a) Adoption of a security policy
(b) Security risk analysis
(c) Development and implementation of a information classification system
(d) Development and implementation of the security standards manual
(e) Implementation of the management security self-assessment process
(f) On-going security programme maintenance and enforcement
(g) Training.


North East Industrial Promotion Policy 2007

The Government of India has approved a package of fiscal incentives and other concessions for the North East Region namely the 'North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP), 2007', effective from 1.4.2007, which, inter-alia, envisages the following