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Water Policy 2016


Water is a prime natural resource a nd fundamental to life on Earth. Water is also invaluable and scarce national resource i n the context of growing scarcity of fresh water resources in the country . In Nagaland, water is a critical natural asset as it is fundamental to ensuring food sec urity, integrity and health of ecosystems , maintenance of e cosystem services, religi ous and cultural life of Naga people .




State Industrial Policy-2000

In order to facilitate rapid and sustained industrial development in the State a new Industrial Policy have been adopted by the State Government to enable the enterprising entrepreneurs to generate substantial income and employment for the people of Nagaland.


IT Policy

In the 21st century and the Information Age, a combination of dramatic sociological, political, economical and technological factors are at play to bring about fundamental and irreversible changes in the entire social system. The scope of these transformations is global. In the times to come, economic power of nations is going to be a function of information technology.


Recent technological advancements like the Internet have digitally broken the geographical, physical, political and even sociological boundaries transforming the world to a ‘Global Village'. Even though all countries shall be competing on a common denominator, its success would be determined by inputs from and to the information technology industry.


Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services Act, 2001

Whereas it is expedient to provide for empowerment of the community and delegation of the powers and functions of the State Government to the local authorities by way of participation of the Community in matters connected with the management of local public utilities, public services and the activities of the State Government connected with education, water supply, roads, forests, power, sanitation, health and other welfare and development schemes and also to provide for promotion of community based schemes incidental thereto.