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Advertisement Policy

With a view to secure wide publication publicity and coverage of all concerned sections of the population, through an integrated arrangement for the issue of Government advertisements, the Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to specify, that with immediate effect.


Education Policy

The constitutional A-"r,d.n.Int of tg76 placed iducation in the concurrent list of the constitution of India. This has urought about a iharing of responsibilities between the central and the state Governments. The stit. has framed thi; policy witlrln the broad parameters of the National policy on Education 1986 [NpE), poA, rggi, RTE z00g and Right of child to Free and compulsory Education , zo0g and ihis will enable the state to share the responsibilities and functions as partners with the central Government in the implementation of the objectives of the NPE 1986'

Indeed,themoreporousanddynamicasocietyisthe'moreinconsistentandconflictual in its efforts to change the educational system. Interests deeply rooted in spheres such as economics, religion, ideology, insti-tutionr,!.og.uphy, race, and-eihnicity will vie to have their world wide view represented most forceiuily in whatever education system emerges' The twenty first century, particularly in the last few years, represented a period of remarkably intense change wittr tlre implementation of SSA and RTE Act, 2009.


Information Technology Policy

The Information Technology (IT) vision, mission, objectives, plans and strategies of the Government of Meghalaya as enunciated below has been formulated keeping in view the desirability for accelerating the State's economic development and maximizing the people's benefits through its widespread application in various spheres.


Industrial & Investment Promotion Policy, 2012

In pursuance of the Meghalaya Industrial & Investment Promotion Policy, 2012 (MIIPP, 2012) issued by the Department of Commerce & Industries vide Notification No. IND.115/2007/162 dt. 21.12.2012 and published in the Meghalaya Official Gazette dt. 21.12.2012, the Government of Meghalaya is pleased to make the following Scheme with a view to accelerating the industrial development and other investments in the State and thereby creating employment avenues.



Mines and Minerals Policy

The Meghalaya Mines and Minerals Policy,2012 has been formulated with an aim to facilitate systematic, scientific and planned utilization of mineral resources and to streamline mineral based development of the State, keeping in view, protection of environment, land, health and safety of the people in and around the mining areas. The Policy will also dwell on ensuring optimal
utilization of available mineral resources, realization of vast mineral potential, generate revenue for socio-economic development, uplift the economy of the State and enhance employment opportunities.


Draft Sports Policy 2017

Since the formation of the State, the Government of Meghalaya has been actively engaged in developing a culture of participation in competitive sports as a means of creating a fit, healthy and vibrant society. Over the past few years, the Government of Meghalaya has been articulating its Sports Policy. The Draft State Sports Policy was formulated in the year 2011. However, it has been felt by the Government that the policy needs inclusions of certain other dimensions to achieve the desired goal. The participations of athletes from Meghalaya in major games and competitions in Regional, National and International sports events and successful organisation of South Asian Games (SAG) in collaboration with the Government of Assam demonstrate the capability of the State.