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Advertisement Policy

With a view to secure wide publication publicity and coverage of all concerned sections of the population, through an integrated arrangement for the issue of Government advertisements, the Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to specify, that with immediate effect.


Education Policy

Following the National Policy on Education, the State Government brought out “A White Paper on Education” for the State in 1988 which was duly placed in the House of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly. The White Paper laid down the "thrust areas" on some education sectors considered relevant to and of immediate need for the State. However at that time no Programme of Action was laid down as regards strategies and procedures for implementation. In pursuance of the State White Paper on Education, many concrete steps have been taken by the State Government, viz revision of curriculum and syllabus of school Education at all levels in accordance with the National Core Curriculum, adoption of Higher Secondary Education system at +2 stage, etc.


Information Technology Policy

The Information Technology (IT) vision, mission, objectives, plans and strategies of the Government of Meghalaya as enunciated below has been formulated keeping in view the desirability for accelerating the State's economic development and maximizing the people's benefits through its widespread application in various spheres.


Mines and Minerals Policy, 2012

The Meghalaya Mines and Minerals Policy,2012 has been formulated with an aim to facilitate systematic, scientific and planned utilization of mineral resources and to streamline mineral based development of the State, keeping in view, protection of environment, land, health and safety of the people in and around the mining areas. The Policy will also dwell on ensuring optimal
utilization of available mineral resources, realization of vast mineral potential, generate revenue for socio-economic development, uplift the economy of the State and enhance employment opportunities.


State Youth Policy 2012

It is evident that the future of Meghalaya is intimately connected with that of the young people. It is in this context that the State Government is formulating youth policy that can respond effectively to the changing conditions of the young people in the 21 st Century. This policy aims to put young people at the centre of State’s growth and development.

Youth form the key resources for development, and they constitute the largest segment of the population of the state. They are the primary productive human resource and hence it is necessary to make youth the principle focus of developmental efforts of the state. The youth have to be galvanized to rise up to the newer challenges. They have to be motivated to be active and committed participants in the nation building process. The formulation of State Youth Policy reiterates the commitment of the State of Meghalaya, to promote holistic development of youth. This document aims and proposes new strategic policy and programme interventions for the benefit of the youth.