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Draft of the "Manipur Tourism Policy 2011

In a modern, globalized and borderless world, tourism has emerged as a major export industry which not only contributes to the shape of the economy but also determines the image of the land and people. The travel and tourism sector is the world?s largest service sector industry and creates more jobs per million rupees of investment than any other sector of the economy. Tourism is no longer an appendix in modern government planning but rather a necessity to create employment opportunities, generate income & revenue and drive the inclusive growth of the economy. Several States and Nations all over the globe have transformed their economies harnessing their tourism potential.


Information Technology Policy 2003

Information Technology (IT) offers a new opportunity for economic growth, employment and knowledge based development for Manipur. The State has remained economically and industrially backward primarily due to its remote location and geographic disadvantage. Information Technology can overcome geographic disadvantages provided reliable and necessary telecommunication infrastructure along with power supply are in place. The State Government recognises that IT has the potential for bringing about significant progress in the socio-economic development of Manipur, for which the State Government has to evolve a dynamic and coordinated IT policy.


The Industrial and Investment Policy 2011

After the attainment of statehood in 1972, the State Government announced the following Industrial Policy, namely 1982, 1989, 1990 and 1996. The earlier Industrial Policy had limited impact on industrial investment and growth. The State has not witnessed the desired level of achievement on industrial activity as envisages in the Policy.

The present Policy is to facilitate and provide, an investor-friendly environment, institutional support, credit flow, attractive incentive packages and optimum utilisation of existing resources to gainfully exploit emerging opportunities in the National and International markets to generate employment avenues for the people of Manipur. It further address for economic participation that provides opportunities for all section of its people to use their capabilities and gain income from their choice of activities.