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Industrial Policy 2010-21


To achieve this goal the State Government has formulated the Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016. The main strategy for achieving the goals of this policy is to focus on development of support infrastructure, prioritizing core sectors of future development with emphasis on advanced technology, skill development, a modified structured package of assistance and balanced regional development i.e. uniformly extending the benefits of investment to all geographical areas of the State. This policy also focuses on uplifting the socially marginalised groups & women entrepreneurs by offering specialized package of assistance to them. The policy has well-defined provisions for effective implementation, monitoring & grievance redressal for the entrepreneurs. Thus the Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016 has an integrated approach towards industrial development in the state and offers a wide range of benefits to the investors coming to Bihar.


Policy on Disability


People with disabilities in Bihar, according to a Census 2001, are as many as 18,87,611(this is the most conservative estimate and needs further study), live in circumstances of poverty, isolation and stigma. Their experiences have been exacerbated by the lack of services & facilities and vehement attitudinal barriers in all walks of their life. A very low percentage of PwDs in Bihar have been receiving marginal amount of services in a few urban centers through the efforts of Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs).



Information and Communication Technology Policy


The rapid advancements in the field of Information, Communication and Entertainment Technologies and the resultant explosive growth of the information intensive services sector have radically changed the world economic landscape. These changes have given rise to a new society based on knowledge. This has further resulted in the new avenues of development, employment, productivity, efficiency, and enhanced factors of economic growth.




Information Technology Policy 2008


Our vision is that by the end of 2012, Bihar becomes one of the top five e-Governed, IT-enabled, e-Literate States in the Country and is regarded as a preferred destination for IT businesses and is a major supplier of skilled IT manpower.




Startup Policy, 2017


Bihar is progressing fast on the track of development, with unrelenting efforts being made towards strengthening infrastructure and promoting industrial growth. Government of Bihar is committed to improve competitiveness of the state's economy and achieving inclusive growth. This can be realized by promoting innovation and creating an ecosystem that nurture startups from concept to commissioning.